Tuesday before General Smallwood

I have not prepared much for this race. I’m a bit nervous about how long it’s going to take me to finish! Here is my very rough estimate of times.

  • Swim-26 minutes for 750 meters. This distance is about half a mile. At St A’s I did 1500 meters in 52 minutes. So, yeah, I’ll just divide that by two to get my estimate for this sprint.
  • Transition 1 at St. A’s: 7:04. It’ll probably be about the same here as well!
  • Bike-One hour and 20 minutes to do the 18 miles. I might average about 13 MPH. That’s what I did at St. A’s. It may be faster. I had a flat to change there. Let’s say I can do 13.5 MPH.
  • Transition 2 at St. A’s: 6:12
  • Run: 48 minutes to do the 3 miles. That’s doing 16 minute miles. At St. A’s my pace was 16:38
  • Overall time: 2 Hours and 47 minutes. Gross. I did St. A’s in 4:41. So I’ll want to do this one in at least half of that. I should aim for 2:20.

Blah. I think the people I’m training with are aiming for 2:30 for their international distance. I really will be embarrassed if my sprint time is more than their international time.

Later in the day:

I did a 800 yard (~725 meters) swim today that took right at 20 minutes. However, when I got out of the pool I was a smidge dizzy! I need to not swim that fast at the race. It will not do me any good to swim 5 minutes faster, if my transition time is increased by 5 minutes of resting!

Also, the bike is actually 16 miles, not 18. So I think the ride will actually take 1:12.

So, the new race goal:

  • Swim-23 minutes for 750 meters.
  • Transition 1: 5 minutes
  • Bike-One hour and 12 minutes to do the 16 miles.
  • Transition 2: 5 minutes
  • Run: 48 minutes to do the 3 miles.
  • Overall time: 2 Hours and 33 minutes.


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2 responses to “Tuesday before General Smallwood

  1. I love this! I love that you’re getting excited about this weekend enough to plan for times. Your predicted times look reasonable if not a bit conservative. If you’re feeling great in the race, go balls-to-the wall and see what that body of yours can do! Looking forward to seeing how you do in your second triathlon!

  2. Timra

    Your a ROCK STAR ~ I’m incredibly proud of you and to be your friend…. keep me updated and let’s catch up soon……


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