Race Reports from 2006

Credit Union Cherry Blossom
10 Mile Road Race
Washington, DC
April 2, 2006
Age: 26
Time: 2:21:31
Pace: about 14 minute miles
Place 10640 out of 10675

  • I did this race with Vanessa, Ayesha, Navita, and Debi. 
  • There was a time limit and that’s why we were booking it for us.  I’ve yet to average 14 minute miles since this race.  
  • We did 2:2 for the first 4 or so miles.  
  • Rock Creek parkway is pretty but also kind of boring.

Marine Corp Marathon
26.2 miles
October 29, 2006

  • This race report will need it’s own post!

SOME Turkey Trot
Thanksgiving Day 2006
Age 27
Results: About 55 minutes

  • This takes place on Thanksgiving morning at Hain’s point.  What a boring running location!
  • I ran/walked this race with Debi.  It was the first time I put on my running shoes after the Marine Corp Marathon.  I’m pretty sure we walked most of it.
  • I can’t find my time on the website, but I’m sure it was not very fast!
  • We had Annabelle with us and she wore her green cashmere sweater.  It rubbed a spot on her. 
  • I remember that we talked about Debi’s new condo.
  • I was planning to bring Chris to meet some of my family members for the first time and I was mildly worried that he might drink to much that afternoon at Aunt Kathy’s.  He did just fine up until the last 30 minutes when he and Baby Cousin Spaniel took shots of Jaeger.  

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