Donna Martin Graduates! debut performance

Part one:

Part two (updated with working link):

I have mixed feelings about this performance.  On one hand I think it’s a fabulous first performance.  The majority of the group members performed with various student groups during FIST but this was our first time performing as a “real” troupe.  On the other hand, I am not very happy with MY overall performance.  I think my cast mates did a rocking good job!

Things I want to keep in mind for my future performances:

  • Pay more attention in the beginning to the duologues so that I can use that information later in the show.  (Archie named the kid that got in trouble.  I didn’t realize that until I watched the clip.)
  • Give more information in my duologue and remember my duolouge character…that would have been fun to see what the principal and the Russian cafeteria lunch lady had in common.
  • More environment work…give my character something to do…no walking into the scene and then assuming my firing position like a wild wild west cowboy in a street duel.
  • I will do only one flirty/flighty/excited character per show.
  • Create more characters that the audience wants to root for.  The best laughs in my performance were for mine and Archie’s “nerdy lovebirds”.  As Mark Chalfant (I think it was Mark) would say “People come to improv to see agreement, not another argument”.
  • Blue humor is cheap.
  • When I can’t talk about sloppy joes anymore, talk about my relationship with my scene partner.  I wanted to name Tara’s Russian lady, but the only names I could think of were Norwegian…Helga would not have worked in that scene, but that’s all I had in my head.

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