Donna Martin Graduates! 2nd Performance

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


  • I love the chess club!  I did a scene in a workshop today, where I ask someone to have the chess club do something.  That seems to be my go to high school club.  It’s probably because in my high school, that’s were all the smart guys were.  I specifically remember Amber and I joining the chess club so I could flirt with all the smarties that were members….come on…it’s was Zellner, Peter, and David…my top three smart boy crushes…all in one room!
  • I’m glad I tried to step out of my comfort zone by playing a coach.  I would have liked to have been more masculine.  I need to practice being more manly.
  • We haven’t practiced 3 person scenes in rehearsal…so that was something new we were trying on stage.  I felt awkward in my first scene.  I felt like Archie really helped keep that scene going.
  • I broke character in the first group game at the end by laughing at everyone before I cut it.  I was thinking about how the last show also had a group game where Archie got high right before we cut it.
  • Faster wipes and more scene painting
  • Dear God I love me some John Lang.  Our scene became more fun when he gave me the “apple” to start eating, which reminds me that I still need to do more environment work.
  • Sarah is awesome at call backs!  The “crack fundraiser” remark in the last scene was pure gold!
  • Tara (as always) had fun characters with neat accents.  I should try that sometime.
  • The last group game….WTF?  Nightmare.  There were like 14 games we were trying to play there!  I think it would have been more fun to just throw out ideas for ways we were preparing for the Areosmith Rockband release.  And for the love…I know more boybands….Backstreet, NKOTB, NSync, Jonas Brothers, etc.

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