Half Iron, really?

Half Iron Update:

  • I emailed the coach for Team Z asking to start with the new cohort in fall.
  • I told my co-workers that I’m going to start training for a half iron in the fall.
  • Eagleman has sold out. Florida 70.3 has not.  I don’t know Team Z’s schedule for next year.

 Improv Update:

  • DMG has submitted a proposal for Improvapolooza (mark your calendars for August 30th at the Source Theater)!
  • Rehearsals with my group are awesome!
  • The Fall run starts September 9, 2008.  I hope that DMG gets a few slots. The competition is tough with all the other new student start ups.

Tri Update:

  • I have not signed up for anymore races this season (yet).  I’m scared to sign up for one on my own.
  • If I were to sign up I’d do Luray in August, Dewey in September, and Pensacola in October.
  • I have not done any training since Smallwood which was one month ago today.  Wait, I did do the Davidsonville bike ride.

Life Update:

  • I spent the weekend at Dewey Beach with a group of girls that I barely know.  It was fun to do something different, but visiting that town is not something that I much enjoyed.  I spent 4 hours in the Saturday sun with only one layer of SPF 50 applied that morning.  I’m still tender from the sunburn and it’s 3 full days later.
  • I joined SparkPeople today.  If you join, my user name is mellowblonde.  Tell them I sent you and I get some points!
  • I had one date that has led to something that has all the makings to be a really great friendship.  I’d like for it to be more, but there’s no denying that when you buy your own $2.36 beverage, the guy is just not that into you.  
  • There’s an improv guy from the past that’s shown up real recently; he also has the marks to be a great friend. 
  • I’m a little frustrated with making friends; I’ve got quite a few already.
  • The Bartender has messaged me a few times lately.  He moves back in September.  It was one year ago this week that we got back together for the last time.  That seems like ancient history. 
  • Sometimes his messages are quite sweet “You waive me off when you want, but I will àlways love you. Not crazy love you, just regular old need you into my life, love you. Like beetles love you ‘in my life’ style”.
  • Other times they remind me why it’s over “you know I always did like you a little bit tipsy”.
  • My church will more than likely close in two weeks.  That makes me profoundly sad and also quite relieved that it’s over.  Fighting that battle has really left a bitter taste in my mouth for organized religion.  Maybe it’s for the best that I’m planning to spend my Fall and Spring Sunday mornings doing long bike rides.
  • My recent church search has been similar to how dating felt this time last year.  It was impossible for me to move on because I wasn’t over the Bartender.  I’m not ready to leave the people of my church.  I love that cast of characters so much.

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