“Marc Chagall that got Bob Rossed” painting by Marlene

My Mom sent me an email last month with photographs of some of her latest paintings.  This one really struck my fancy. 

To me, it perfectly embodies my Mother..  She is passionate about her garden, her birds, and painting.  When I was growing up, she always did abstract paintings.  Abstract at the time was not my favorite style.  I preferred realistic paintings…ones that appeared more like photographs.   But over time, this style has grown on me!  I asked her if I could have this painting.  Of course she said I could!  She sent me the following descriptions about the process of developing this painting.

Up here (Scottsboro, AL), they have hydrangeas that are white and they call them Annabelles. I started this painting on site at the home of Nancy Bradford. She has the most beautiful yard I have ever seen. The painting was finished 2 weeks later while I worked from photos taken on the 2 days I worked on site. This is the finished “Annabelles” painting.
These are the color mixes that remained on my palette by the end of the “Annabelles”. I used the leftover paints to do a fantasy style painting in the style of Marc Chagall.
I looked at my blue birdbath and then free painted without drawing a plan.  I only added a spot of black to add dramatic contrasts.  I painted the translucent bird on the right and then I laughed and remembered something the TV painter Bob Ross always did in his paintings.  He would never paint a single tree alone. He said it was lonely, so he always added “a little friend tree”. That is why I added the bird on the left.
That is how I ended up with my “Marc Chagall that got Bob Rossed”. This is the one painting Alaina wants; it makes her very happy to look at it. It isn’t meant to look real but it meant to give the feeling of the density of color and life in a July flower garden.

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One response to ““Marc Chagall that got Bob Rossed” painting by Marlene

  1. I love the bird duo. Is this on your wall now? It would make me smile every day if I saw this on my wall.

    My grandmother was a watercolor artist who added a white dove to every single painting she did (except one early one) that symbolized the holy spirit. She also loved Bob Ross! Happy little clouds.

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