Review of my first week with Team Z!

First off, can I just say how AWESOME my family is for answering my request for information below!  I have learned so much about my Grandmother and her things.  I love y’all!  Roll Tide!

Monday: No workout.  However, I did have a fun DMG practice where we worked on editing and supporting our scene partners.   

Tuesday: The day was off to a bumpy start.  Mosby (my gray car is named after the Gray Ghost) and I got into a minor accident, if you can even call it that.  While driving down a narrow street, I moved the car closer to the right to let a big truck pass and Mosby’s mirror and a Honda’s mirror squared off.  The Honda was fine.  Mosby lost big time…the passenger mirror was hanging by the wires.  Luckily an awesome neighbor was there with some spare electrical tape and he taped the mirror back to my car so that I could go vote in DC’s primaries.  I took the car back to VOB and a mere $240 bucks later, Mosby is back looking pretty!

Tuesday night was my first swim clinic with the team.  It was so nice to be back in the water. I put myself in Lane Two with 3 other men.  I am proud to report that I held my own with them.  In fact, I was comfortable taking the lead for about half the drills.  Well, physically comfortable.  Emotionally, that’s another story.  I’m used to following the herd when it comes to athletic endeavors.  So, it was hard for me to push that envelope of going first.  Well, sort of hard.  Before we started I asked who the stronger swimmer was.  We all just looked at each other, so I said “Well, ladies first” and was off!  By the end of practice I could feel that my form had dramatically improved.  I felt so sleek and fast in the water as I could feel the glide between each stroke.

Wednesday: I did a run with awesome Shea.  This run was hard.  We did a 4:1 pace on a flat surface.  I think it took about 35 to 40 minutes to go 2 miles.  I did not do a good job sticking with my run during the 4 minute runs as I was having trouble keeping my heart rate down while carrying on a conversation.  It was quite frustrating.  However, I was able to keep a good pace while walking.   I am looking forward to the point when running isn’t such a blasted chore.

Thursday: Double workout day.  I met the team at Hains point for a bike ride.  I rode with Coach Ed and Susan.  So awesome! Ed taught be how to draft off of Susan, who was kind enough to let me draft behind her the entire ride.  The point of drafting is to be right up on rear wheel of the person in front of you.  This way, they block the wind.  I’ve seen the concept explained while watching a NASCAR race, but I have never thought about how I could personally benefit from drafting before.  I’m sure my dad is proud that all those Sunday’s of watching NASCAR together, I’m using that knowledge for something new!  Drafting is scary.  I’m used to being by myself or to the left of Casey while cycling! It’s hard to carry on a conversation when you are directly behind someone, but it’s so much easier to keep up that way.  We did about 9 miles in about 40 or so minutes.  The average was 14.5ish MPH.  That’s my highest MPH average ever!  Hains point is flat as a pancake and is a three mile loop with barely any cars.  This will be a great way to track my ability as I get more consistent with my cycling.

The best part about this ride was the lack of new Zs!  I really got some good personal attention.  Ed told me after the ride that “you can really move that effing bike.  You’ll be a great cyclist with some consistency in your training.”  I have a hybrid (handlebars like a mountain bike; non nubby wheels like a road bike) and thus my equipment is not as nice as the other cyclists.  It’s a bit of a sore point for me.  I can’t tell if I have trouble keeping up because I’m slow or because of my equipment.  It was great to hear the coach say I’ll be fine on the bike for the winter.  He talked about some of his other cyclists that he thinks I would be able to keep up with no problems and mentioned that it would make for a more fun time on the team if this group could be consistent in our training together as well.  

After the ride, the team also had a swim workout.  This one was not as fun as Tuesdays.  There were only 6 new Zs and 4 of us were in the beginner lane together.  We basically did catch up drill all night.  So boring!  After watching us swim individually, Ed told me that I’d probably be able to move over to a swim lane soon.  However, after that statement, my stroke completely fell apart!  Oh well.  I was beginning to get the hang of it again by the end of the workout, but I missed that sleek feeling.  Pushing off the wall I felt like I was gliding like a dolphin, a few strokes in it felt like I’m just lumbering in the water like a manatee.  I mentioned the slow feeling to Ed and was given a playful swatting on the head and told to keep coming back to workouts.  That it would be easier soon enough.      

Friday: It’s a rest day! 

Upcoming:  The weekend is set to be quite busy. After taking it easy in August, I’m back to my super jammed packed weekends.  Tonight is a party.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be going to a run clinic that is led bye a US National Team Triathlete and Olympic Trial 5,000 meter runner (how cool is it being on Team Z?).  Then I’ll be doing a run with the team.  I’m beyond nervous about running with them.  However, I’ve made plans with one of my teammates for us to run/walk together.  Valda seems nervous like me so hopefully she will show up and we’ll have strength in our numbers!  Next up I’m meeting Aunt Kathy and Maggie to finalize details for Heather’s shower.  I’ll finish up the night with dinner with Shea!

Sunday is beyond stupid busy.  I’m volunteering at Nation’s tri at 5:00AM.  And let me tell you, I really wish now that I was doing the nation’s tri.  I would love to bike the Clara Barton Parkway.  After that I’m going to church to meet our interim pastor (YAY!) then we having a brunch after church where we are making plans for the next 6 weeks while the conference decides if they are going to keep the church open.  Annabelle Blanche has a vet appointment (she’s been drinking to much water and then peeing in the house lately and I’m worried she has diabetes or a bladder infection).  Then I’m going to a lecture on heart rate zone training followed by a tentatively schedule meeting of my friend Tara’s parents!

What’s next? My goal is to consistently train (4 workouts a week) with the team for the next 6 weeks.


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