Archie’s Classy Party

Archie threw another Classy Party ™ and as always it’s good fun to put improv people with regular people!

Before I went to the party I decided it was time for a new hair style.   I went to the Mormon Temple visitor center a few days before and spent most of our tour coveting the tour guide’s, Sister Craig from Australia, bangs.  Seriously, they were so adorable.  She had a sincere hipster vibe to her.  I know I can’t pull off hipster, but I definitely thought I could pull off the bangs!  Friday afternoon, before leaving work, I made a last minute appointment at Salon Cielo in Bethesda.   

The appointment had some minor drama as my original stylist (who at that point had talked me into side bangs) messed up the side bangs that she was cutting.  They were awful…my hair was so blah.  But she called over Carolina to fix the mess.  I told Carolina I originally wanted full bangs and she said that wouldn’t be a problem since the side bangs were such a mess.  My Mom always tells me that a good carpenter can hide his mistakes and let me tell you….Carolina is a good carpenter.  I will certainly be going back to her!

Below are some pictures of my new style and the party.

Obviously, Paul likes my hair so much he wants to lick it!  Or maybe it’s just that Paul insists on sticking his tongue out in all our pictures….hmm….I think we need to start a facebook page just for Paul’s tongue!

Now that I have bangs, Paul and I tried to recreate the awesome shot that I use for my header.  Alas, the stars were not aligned and this is as close as we got!

Some of my favorite improv people were there!  Here is Stuart, Archie, and Eric being hotties.

Not to be outdone by the boys as the hotties of the party, I’m joined by Sarah and Christy for a Christmas card appropriate photo.  To bad that you can’t see Archie’s year round Christmas tree in here…oh and Sarah’s Jewish…minor detail!

Mmm…Vic Speedboat! 

I got to hear this guy talk politics with Paul.  Yes, Plaid Shirt is as drunk and as Republican as he appears.  Good times…Good times. 



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4 responses to “Archie’s Classy Party

  1. Roomie,

    I’m commenting here, but I want to comment on it all. I cannot believe I have been missing out on your blog–that’s what I get for going MIA for 2 months.

    I love your bangs. Seriously. And don’t recreate your header picture–it’s so _you_, bangs or not.

    And FYI, you’re an athlete. Get used to it.

    And you’ve lost weight. I mean, dude, your cheekbones are killer. Seriously. It was the first thing I noticed in the pics. That and your “I’m really a model” hair. Hate you for that.

    I’ll read more regularly. Love you. You inspire me–of all the people who I thought would “get” the rowing thing, I thought of you.

  2. Hey, nice pictures but I really like the picture at the top of the site. Who took that? He must have been a really talented photographer. He should do that for a living. He seems pretty cool.


    PS: My tongue took the picture.

  3. intothemystic79

    I want to live in D.C. and fulfill my dreams of being a Miranda/Samantha from Sex and the City.

    I agree with Sparky that your cheekbones are pretty killer. And the bangs are rockin’.

    I want to go to an Archie’s Classy Party – because let’s face it, I have a webcrush on Archie – all because of those improv videos you post. He is, and always will be, the bomb.

    I’m reading your blog all the time now, so post more often. I’m writing on the blog I forgot I had. And as soon as I get in touch with more bands, I will be writing on my other blog too. Fun, fun.

  4. OMG, that picture of me, Stewart, and Krupski is hot. I think that will make an appearance on my blog shortly.

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