Week Three (done-ish)

This was a hard week in that the Team is on a two week break before we start training for the spring half or full marathon.  That means that there were not very many team workouts for me to attend.  Which is hard, because I don’t like working out by myself and the whole reason I joined this group is to not have to work out by myself.  That said, I DID IT!  I reached my goal of four workouts this week… 

Monday: Rocking fun improv practice. 

Tuesday: I was planning to do the strength training clinic and then go to swim practice.  But the clinic ended up overlapping with the swim workout. Coach said the clinic was more important so I’m counting this towards my 1 of 4 workouts.

Wednesday: I’ve been asked to TA an improv class, so I’ll be doing 2 nights of improv a week for the next 2 months!  The class will be fun and challenging to handle.  It has 12 students and the content is characters.  I’ve been working on making my characters feel more “real” and consistent.  I’m super excited about getting to work with Dave and hear his take on characters. 

Thursday: Mellow swim practice.  Worked on breathing on my left side for most of it.  I’m fairly comfortable doing 3 strokes and then breathing.  This makes my breathing “even” on each side.  I don’t like it, but I’m going to do it.  After the swim workout we had a team happy hour where we watched the Savage man video.  It’s a weird feeling knowing that in a few months I could feel completely at home with these people….or not.

Friday: I met with the team nutritionist.  I’ll be starting my new meal plan after I get back from my trip home this weekend.  I  also did a 25 minute walk at Shea’s gym. 

Saturday: Garen worked it out for me to join her at her gym for a spin class.  What she didn’t tell me is that we were taking a “super spin” class.  This class was hard.  It was an hour long and focused on cadence and getting out of the saddle.  Nightmare!

Sunday: I’m exhausted.  Truly worn out.  I’m not sure if it’s the working out, poor nutrition, or what.  But my friends…I’m tired.

I’ve got a big meeting tomorrow and then I’m heading home on Wednesday.  I’m going to bring my wetsuit and running shoes.  I’m not sure if I’ll reach my goal of 4 workouts this week while I’m home.  But it will be nice to get in a few open water swims.


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