Week 4 derailed by a trip home

Tuesday night:  I drove out to the unofficial bike ride for the Team.  Per normal, I was about 5 minutes late, but I didn’t see anybody there.  I thought about doing a ride, but opted instead to go test ride bikes.  I’ve been dreading doing this on my own, but I was in my bike clothes and had all the stuff one needs for test rides.  As I seem to be finding with all my current athletic endeavors, people are just so blasted nice and helpful.  Must be all the endorphins!  I thoroughly enjoyed my test ride experience at Conte’s.  I’ve got my heart set on Specialized Ruby….to bad my wallet is not so set on that baby.  We’ll see.  I still need to try out some Treks and I want to see what REI and HTO offer as well.  I think this counts as 0.5 of a workout!

Wednesday:  I flew home.  I was greeted at the airport by my Dad!  That night, Elsa made my favorite artichoke meal and we had a family dinner with Elsa mother. 

 Thursday: In an effort to keep up with my 4 workouts a week, My dad and I took the dogs for a walk in town.  We loaded up Princess Bea the Boston Terrier along with Maggie and May the sweet chocolate Labs into the back of the truck. The trail in town is a converted Rail to Trail so it’s nice and flat. 



Another reason I love Alabama….A honeybee festival for the volunteer fire department.
Good dog!
Good dog!

By the end of the walk, Princess Bea was trailing behind and pleaded to be picked up.  See people, I’m not a total princess myself…I carried the dog back to the car…where she promptly ran to the front seat…maybe she wasn’t so tired after all.


After our walk, my friend Theresa (Birdie) picked me up and we headed to MeMe’s. I try to visit my MeMe once a summer.  It worked out better this year for me to go home in October.  It was awesome.  The weather was awesome, no tourist on the beach, and no jellies in the water!  Plus Birdie was able to come down to play!  After lunch at Willy T’s we made it down to MeMe’s and Bubba’s in time for the sun set!

Friday: Blast.  Turns out that if you tell Theresa to bring her running shoes she’s going to make sure you use those shoes.  After breakfast, we went for a 35 minutes walk.  I’m so blessed to have her in my life.  When someone has known you since you were 2 years old there’s a familiarity there that can’t be matched with any other friendships.   I hope to one day view myself with the same level of love and respect that she feels for me.

After our walk we went to Gulf to get in some sun rays.  I brought down my wetsuit in hopes of doing an open water swim.  It was a frustrating swim.  My stoke still feels slow.  My lungs can’t keep up with long distances like I could in April.  Also, it’s hard to move my legs while in a wetsuit.  After a bit, I just gave up on moving my legs.  So, I’ll need to keep that in mind this winter while swimming.  It seems like I should focus on moving from my thighs so that it comes easier when I’m in the wetsuit.


After the beach (above) and before going out (below)

We had dinner that evening with two other long time friends.  I met Randi and Nikki in 7th grade.  It was wonderful to sit at a table with women that I’ve loved for over 15 years.  God, I’m getting old!  Anyways, it was a laughed filled dinner that renewed some parts I needed renewing.  Thanks ladies!

Saturday: Birdie left and I focused my remaining time on hanging out with my Mom and MeMe.  We swung by the local Methodist church to help MeMe set up the altar for World Communion Sunday.  She’s so talented!  She made a centerpiece with bread, a globe, and flags from around the world.

We three finished up the day by watching Mamma Mia and then heading home for MeMe’s delicious gumbo. 

Sunday: Mama headed home early so it was just me and MeMe for the day.  How cute is my grandmother?

Before heading to the airport, we stopped by my cousin Holly’s so I could hug her neck and touch her belly!  I’m so excited about their second baby!  As an added bonus I got to see more of the work she and her husband are doing on their house. 

So, it was great social week, but not so good for the training. Coach said that September was supposed to be a month to get the newbies up to speed with the rest of the team.  I don’t know if I’m ready for that, but I’ve never worked out three times while at home.  So that’s different!

I’m tweaking the goal since I didn’t get four full workouts this week.  The new goal is…..4 workouts a week for the next 6 weeks!  Sound familiar?  Perhaps, but I’m not letting this one go until I meet it!



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3 responses to “Week 4 derailed by a trip home

  1. Nikki

    Yes!!!! My tri-chins are hidden.
    Muaaaaaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha. (Evil laugh).

    Man it was good to see you.
    Me and Randi are definitely contemplating a 2009 journey to DC. Keep fingers crossed!

  2. thanks for your comment, I love all the cute dog pics and I’m impressed you are training for a triathalon!

  3. ThePhantomPoop

    It is Mattie not Maggie! shhhhhhhst. Lord have mercy

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