To coffee date or not

Last week I was walking Annabelle Blanche.  I was working on using the clicker to train her manners.  A guy approached me on the street and we started talking about clicker training.  He seemed nice enough, a bit older than I’m looking for….but perfectly nice.  He asked me to go get coffee with him.  He called the next day, but I was heading home for the week so I said, “next week”.  Well, wonder upon wonders, he actually called me today to see if I wanted to meet up this week. 

And the thing is I really don’t want to meet up with him because I wasn’t attracted to him.  Never mind that I spent this entire week at home talking about wanting to be in a relationship.  I just want this one specific ideal that I have in my mind of what I’m looking for.  And I know that having an ideal is detrimental….so I did what any girl would do….gchat a friend to be told the truth.  I was hoping that Kate would tell me that it’s okay to hold out for someone I’m attracted to…but she’s a good friend…so she pulls out this jewel: maybe it would be nice to let another person like you–counterbalance the slew of self hatred youve been flinging about lately?

And maybe it would.  So we’re meeting for coffee on Thursday night.



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2 responses to “To coffee date or not

  1. intothemystic79

    God bless Kate. You must coffee date! It’s a new experience – you haven’t overanalyzed the situation yet! 🙂 Well, except for the fact that you’ve blogged about it…

  2. What a nice feather in your cap! Do it. Even if you treat it as practice, it’s still good to try new things.

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