Happy Birthday Tara!


It’s hard to believe it was a little over a year ago that you walked into my improv life.  I’m blessed and honored to have you in it now!  It’s true that we got off to a rocky start, but I love that we both have shattered the other’s negative stereotypes about Southern Belles and New York Bitches!  I was honored to be in Princess Trainwreck with you during the Tournament of the FIST.  I’m even more grateful now to be in DMG with you.  Your characters make me laugh and they make me want to stretch.  I walk around my house trying to talk with a Minnesota/Sarah Palin accent to Annabelle…and that’s all because of you!

It will only get better from here! 

Hugs and Lovebugs!

Princess Trainwreck:  Tara, Alaina, and Jenny

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One response to “Happy Birthday Tara!

  1. Thank you for making me cry at work. When someone asked what was wrong I just said it was the stock price…

    I thank Baby Jesus for three things on a daily basis: plumbing, air conditioning and Alaina Harris.

    I don’t think I’ve ever borrowed a tiara, a hot pink hair dryer and a “God Bless America” beer coozie all in one year from the same person.

    Your friendship is the best gift.


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