Coffee Date update

Last week I had a coffee date.  He was a perfectly nice man.  He is also a divorced father of two kids.  Even though I wasn’t feeling a connection, the fact that he was a dad would have been enough for me to not want to pursue a second date.  It’s a bit of a catch-22.  I don’t want to date someone that is an absent father.  I would want him to be involved in the life of his kids.  That said, I also don’t want to date someone that isn’t available to be open to a new relationship.  All the things that are new and exciting to me would be old hat to him…..engagement, wedding, babies, etc.   Maybe I’ve been watching to many made for TV movies or it could be that I’m just to much of an only child…I do so hate to share! 

All that said, the biggest problem with this guy is that he is still supporting his ex wife who doesn’t work.  I’ll be damned if I marry a guy and use my income to support US, while his income is used to support HIS ex wife.


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  1. whoa – good thing it was just coffee and not a full out dinner date!

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