Week 5-still struggling in the pool

Monday: Great improv rehearsal.  I’ve started to just cut scenes myself if I feel like it’s a good beat.  That makes me feel more in control…and somehow, more willing to just jump out there because I know I can take care of myself.  Also, I’ve got to work on my trust of group.  We did a scene where I was giving birth to a baby…but the birth was an art installation.  I didn’t know what else to do…I felt like my character was languishing on the stage.  I also didn’t know that Tara was pretending to the “baby”.  I’m sure that was such a fun stage picture.  But I didn’t know that…so I said “I sure wish it was 10 minutes later” hoping for an edit from the side.  Turns out, the scene didn’t need an edit. 

Tuesday: Great swim practice and I did 975 yards!  That’s awesome and over half a mile!  1650 is a mile in the pool.  I got some feedback from coach about pushing harder during my stroke, sticking to doing catch up drill for now, and the proper way to kick my feet so that I use my quads.   Things felt like that started to click for a bit…then they fell apart at the end…but still…dude 975 yards!  Coach says I can do more than that….a lot more than that…so I’ll keep pushing myself.

Wednesday: Improve TAing.  Bless their hearts, the kiddies are going blue and coming on stage acting drunk.  Next week I’ll be giving them Dan Hodapp’s  “We don’t go blue because it’s cheap and easy” talk. 

Thursday: Another good swim practice.  I was able to make it across the pool in 21 to 22 strokes.  I’m breathing on the left on the way down and on the right on the way back.  Breathing on the left is starting to feel like second nature.  There were a few times on my way back down the lane where I questioned if I had been breathing on the right on the way down.  I would have to remind myself, that nope, I had done it correctly by breathing on the left! Every now and then I am also feeling the “glide” that Coach Ed is always harping on.   I’m still doing catchup drill for the whole time, but soon I’ll move on to doing the actual posted workout!

Friday: DMG kicked ass at our performance.  Highlights that I remember….because it wasn’t recorded:

  • I created a fun character that bedazzled everything
  • Archie and I played a minimum of three different married couples
  • We did 2 “radio” scenes
  • We had a fun recurring scene in the IRS tax office where the workers were trying to spruce up the tax forms with things like glitter, puff paint, pink ink, etc.
  • I called the show after making the last joke….a very time sensitive “bailout” comment
  • I felt totally supported by my castmates! 

Saturday: Another group run.  I’d like to make it to one of these without crying…granted this time it was due to a country song!  The run was okay.  I tried a 2:2, but it was hard to keep my breathing even.  I switched to a 1:1 and that went better.  I can’t wait to get my VO2 tests! 

Sunday: Glen Echo Bike ride.  I was supposed to do 14 miles…I did 17 because I kept getting lost.  There’s a bitch of hill that I will conquer one day.  The coolest part of this ride was going over the Cabin John aqua duct, also known as the Union Arch Bridge. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get to this aqua duct ever since I became interested in biking the whole C&O tow path….my goal for after I do an ironman.

Time: 1 hour 25 minutes;  Average speed: 12 mph; average cadence: 55 (I’m telling you, that hill really screwed up my numbers).

So, I’m back on the plan.  I did 4 workouts this week!  Rocking!


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