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Moving on-list fun!

I finished the move this weekend.  I’m a bit all over the place in my emotions when it comes to this move.

  • I’m sad to leave DC, that awesome apartment, my easy location, my great neighbors.
  • I’m scared about living with male roommates.  I’m worried I will not like my roommates
  • I’m worried my roommates will not like me.
  • I’m worried I’ve made the wrong decision.
  • I’m worried I’ll never move back to DC.
  • I’m scared I’ll be back in DC within the next two months.
  • I’m excited to finally pay off this credit card debt that’s been plaguing me ever since I moved to DC.
  • I’m pumped to be closer to work.
  • I’m sad to get rid of all my furniture that I’ve had since I moved out on my own.

Tonight I said goodbye to my DC apartment.  I have a tradition of walking through the rooms of a place and thinking of all the good (and sometimes the bad) memories of each room.

A few of my favorites:

  • Entrance Hallway: Kissing Elvis.  (Yes, that was his name.  I also met a Barbie that night…and for a hot second I thought they were dating….but that might have been to precious!)
  • Kitchen: I remember Chris making me dinner.
  • Dining Room: I have this memory of Tara standing next to my table with queso dip the first time she came over to my apartment.  Then a group of us practiced improv…this was before we all were in  troupes!
  • Living Room: Laying on my couch and watching countless reality shows.
  • Bathroom:  So many nights spent primping in the bathroom….
  • Bedroom: Um…nothing much to say….Y’all know my parents read this blog!
  • Roof:  I stood on my roof with a bottle of sparkling cider.  I poured a 40 for my memories of all the new and exciting things that happened while living in that apartment:
    • My first marathon
    • My first boyfriend
    • Starting triathlons
    • My first new car that I purchased
    • The first new bike (2 of them) that I purchased
    • Getting a new job (2 of them!)
    • Finding a church home at St. Luke’s
    • Hanging out with the improv boys on my roof
    • Starting improv
    • 4th of July on my roof with Grandmother
    • All the pain from the break up with my first real boyfriend
    • Blood clots
    • That night that Kate fell on my roof and we had to go to the ER
    • Countless smokes with friends on the roof
    • Cab Guy Randy
    • Mike from MN…and how I felt when he cried when I ended it after 2 dates
    • The awesome view of the cathedral
    • The place I’ve lived the longest in my adult life (3 years)
    • Dad and Elsa coming up to see the battlefields (and me!)
    • Mom and Meme coming up for MeMe’s gift of the creche’ to the National Cathedral

So, I’m in my new home now and it’s time to go finish unpacking.  I just had a lovely conversation with one of my roommates and another one just got back from his trip home.  I’m starting to feel more at home here.


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Forward moving

I’m stressed the eff out right now.  New job, wisdom teeth removal, and a new living situation that requires me to cull down a one bedroom apartment to literally one bedroom…all in the span of three weeks….um yeah, this has been a dumb plan.

But I do love me some chaos (obviously) so I shouldn’t complain to much.

And I don’t think about how the stress is getting to me…until I get a text a from THE old boyfriend…the bartender.  And it throws my whole world out of wack.

He says “Any chance you want to go out for coffee tonight or tomorrow?  I’m off both nights”.

And I’m thinking “Shit”.

Because the reality is that yeah, I’d love to go to coffee and I’d love to just jump right back into being in a relationship with him…because a boyfriend now would be wonderful.  I’d love to have someone to share this stress with. 

But I know the reality of a relationship with him.  Thankfully Nikki calls before I can make up my mind on what or if I even will text back.

She says “Don’t do it.  It’s been 2 years and he hasn’t moved.  His life is still the name.  Everything you do is about moving forward and making yourself better.  If you go back to that, it’ll stop you in your tracks.”

Those words were crystal clear to me.  I’ve never thought of this situation in that light.   I don’t want to forget how clear my decision was at that moment.

So I went to swim practice and confirmed my packing plans for tomorrow night.

PS: So I’ve been trying to figure out how this applies to Newton’s laws of motion.  Best I can tell, it matches the first law:

Newton’s first law: law of inertia

Lex I: Corpus omne perseverare in statu suo quiescendi vel movendi uniformiter in directum, nisi quatenus a viribus impressis cogitur statum illum mutare. Every body perseveres in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.

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My grandmother, Geneva Brown Harris, passed away on Sunday November 18, 2007 around 2:00AM.
She took a tumble the week before her passing and broke her arm.  She was taken to the “family hospital” Providence hospital.  While in the hospital she developed a bleed in her brain and never quite recovered.  My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Brian were with her when she passed.  She had said her goodbyes earlier in the week to all her kids when she was more coherent.  I got a chance to talk to her briefly on the phone a few days before her passing.  I’m pretty sure her last words to me were “I love you to Alaina”.
While I was home in October of 2007 for her 90th birthday party, we took a day trip to Alabama to visit her 98 year old brother. 

Here she is pushing Uncle Horace’s wheelchair.  She was spry up to the end! 


This is one of the last pictures taken of me with my Grandmother.


This post does not even touch the surface of what a great grandmother she was.

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Good Bad Ugly

Good:  So good it made me teary!

Check out the chorus blog as well! 

Bad: I am moving in less than two weeks.  YIKES! I right in the middle of packing where it seems that there is no end in site…just an endless loop of throwing things in three piles (keep, trash, donate).   It’s a good, grown up decision to move, but I’m not very excited about having roommates.  This will be my first time having roommates since I left Tuscaloosa in 2002.  Did I mention that I’ll be living with 3 guys….yeah.  Hey, I’m sure I’ll have lots of blog material!

Ugly: I’ve hung out at this bar so many times.  I’ll admit, I initially passed judgement on this poor girl…and then I remembered all the DUMB things I have done in my life…many of them at this here bar.  But for the grace God go I.  When I realized that her father found her body, it struck such a nerve for me.  That’s just awful…so awful.  My prayers are with their family.

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