Good Bad Ugly

Good:  So good it made me teary!

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Bad: I am moving in less than two weeks.  YIKES! I right in the middle of packing where it seems that there is no end in site…just an endless loop of throwing things in three piles (keep, trash, donate).   It’s a good, grown up decision to move, but I’m not very excited about having roommates.  This will be my first time having roommates since I left Tuscaloosa in 2002.  Did I mention that I’ll be living with 3 guys….yeah.  Hey, I’m sure I’ll have lots of blog material!

Ugly: I’ve hung out at this bar so many times.  I’ll admit, I initially passed judgement on this poor girl…and then I remembered all the DUMB things I have done in my life…many of them at this here bar.  But for the grace God go I.  When I realized that her father found her body, it struck such a nerve for me.  That’s just awful…so awful.  My prayers are with their family.


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  1. Janice

    Good luck with the new place. Your mom was telling us about it this weekend. Hopefully it will serve its purpose well…and if not, you can always re-evaluate and find something better.

    Give me a ring (or email) and update us on your holiday plans. We’re going to Aiken for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is still undecided!

    Love you!

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