My grandmother, Geneva Brown Harris, passed away on Sunday November 18, 2007 around 2:00AM.
She took a tumble the week before her passing and broke her arm.  She was taken to the “family hospital” Providence hospital.  While in the hospital she developed a bleed in her brain and never quite recovered.  My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Brian were with her when she passed.  She had said her goodbyes earlier in the week to all her kids when she was more coherent.  I got a chance to talk to her briefly on the phone a few days before her passing.  I’m pretty sure her last words to me were “I love you to Alaina”.
While I was home in October of 2007 for her 90th birthday party, we took a day trip to Alabama to visit her 98 year old brother. 

Here she is pushing Uncle Horace’s wheelchair.  She was spry up to the end! 


This is one of the last pictures taken of me with my Grandmother.


This post does not even touch the surface of what a great grandmother she was.


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  1. Janice

    I’m so sorry.

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