Moving on-list fun!

I finished the move this weekend.  I’m a bit all over the place in my emotions when it comes to this move.

  • I’m sad to leave DC, that awesome apartment, my easy location, my great neighbors.
  • I’m scared about living with male roommates.  I’m worried I will not like my roommates
  • I’m worried my roommates will not like me.
  • I’m worried I’ve made the wrong decision.
  • I’m worried I’ll never move back to DC.
  • I’m scared I’ll be back in DC within the next two months.
  • I’m excited to finally pay off this credit card debt that’s been plaguing me ever since I moved to DC.
  • I’m pumped to be closer to work.
  • I’m sad to get rid of all my furniture that I’ve had since I moved out on my own.

Tonight I said goodbye to my DC apartment.  I have a tradition of walking through the rooms of a place and thinking of all the good (and sometimes the bad) memories of each room.

A few of my favorites:

  • Entrance Hallway: Kissing Elvis.  (Yes, that was his name.  I also met a Barbie that night…and for a hot second I thought they were dating….but that might have been to precious!)
  • Kitchen: I remember Chris making me dinner.
  • Dining Room: I have this memory of Tara standing next to my table with queso dip the first time she came over to my apartment.  Then a group of us practiced improv…this was before we all were in  troupes!
  • Living Room: Laying on my couch and watching countless reality shows.
  • Bathroom:  So many nights spent primping in the bathroom….
  • Bedroom: Um…nothing much to say….Y’all know my parents read this blog!
  • Roof:  I stood on my roof with a bottle of sparkling cider.  I poured a 40 for my memories of all the new and exciting things that happened while living in that apartment:
    • My first marathon
    • My first boyfriend
    • Starting triathlons
    • My first new car that I purchased
    • The first new bike (2 of them) that I purchased
    • Getting a new job (2 of them!)
    • Finding a church home at St. Luke’s
    • Hanging out with the improv boys on my roof
    • Starting improv
    • 4th of July on my roof with Grandmother
    • All the pain from the break up with my first real boyfriend
    • Blood clots
    • That night that Kate fell on my roof and we had to go to the ER
    • Countless smokes with friends on the roof
    • Cab Guy Randy
    • Mike from MN…and how I felt when he cried when I ended it after 2 dates
    • The awesome view of the cathedral
    • The place I’ve lived the longest in my adult life (3 years)
    • Dad and Elsa coming up to see the battlefields (and me!)
    • Mom and Meme coming up for MeMe’s gift of the creche’ to the National Cathedral

So, I’m in my new home now and it’s time to go finish unpacking.  I just had a lovely conversation with one of my roommates and another one just got back from his trip home.  I’m starting to feel more at home here.


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  1. Angela

    OMG girl u have got to call me and tell me all the details of the move!!!! I didn’t realize u were moving so fast!! Oh and by the way ROLL TIDE ROLL EAT SHIT auburn!!!!!

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