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In which Tara writes about me!

Check out this shout out from my friend and fellow DMGer Tara!  She’s super funny, but I find her even funnier when she’s writing about me!

Who’s an only child?



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Doing good

So the move went fine. The new roomies are fine so far….I don’t want to jinx it! But other than hating living out of the city, I’m okay with the move. That said, I still need to finish unpacking!  I will say the best thing about living with boys is all the fun tech gadgets, the big screen TVs, and all the cable channels!  I don’t think they much appreciate watching “Whose Wedding is it Anyways” on the big screen!

Training has been rough. In the midst of the chaos, I’ve only felt like doing the bike rides. In last Sunday’s ride, the temperature was in the upper 20s and it was an obnoxious day! Probably my worst ride ever….seriously ever. But I learned some new tips and tricks, so overall it was a helpful ride! I rode by myself to the end of the Mt. Vernon trial.  I was ready to bail about a mile before the end, but I was excited to see the end of the trail.  Alas, when I got to the end…it was a motor home parking lot. Not George Washington’s house like I was expecting to see! Also, running tights go outside the biking shorts….I learned that lesson the hard way!

Today’s ride was equally rough.   I started riding with just one other guy that I’ve never rode with before.  Jeff was awesome….I was much slower than him.  I was able to keep up the first 5 miles.  I got some good tips from Matt the ride captain.  I’m going to stay in the little ring on the front and in the middle of the back ring.  That will give me some room to play with shifting.   The “mountain” at the Glen Echo ride continues to be hard for me.  I really struggled getting up this one.  I think it was because I started out riding a bit to fast to keep up with Jeff.  I asked Jeff to go on without me at mile 7.  I was able to do 4 more miles on my own, but I eventually hit the wall.  I was just over the ride.  So in the middle of a hill, I decided to just end the ride.   As I got off my bike, I noticed 3 doe’s in the wood.  That was really neat to see those deer.  I felt some shame bagging the ride, but I also know my perfectionist nature.  I will eventually quick starting my  rides if I know that I won’t stop every now and then when it’s a rough ride.

That said, next time I need to get to bed before 3:30AM!

Improv is going great!  We’re 2 shows into our 3 show run.  We have only done 3 25 minute shows, and I think DMG is really doing better at the longer shows.    There is such a difference between a 15 minute show and a 25 minute show.  I’m proud of us for getting to this point!

Work continues to be a fun challenge.   I really love that I love my job!

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