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And we’re back…

I’ve got a half marathon in 6 weeks.  I’ve been putting off the training….but I finally got to it this past weekend.  I realized that I was stressing myself to much to plan on some kind of run/walk ratio for the Disney Princess.  I’m just going to walk the 13.1 miles.  (HA!  Just… HA!) On Saturday I walked 8 miles!   I’m did a pace of 18 minute miles which is beyond slow.  I want to keep 15 minute miles at Disney.  That said, I also need to train my body again to be up on it’s feet for 3 plus hours while making “Relentless Forward Movement”.  So, I’m not going to stress to much about being slow on my training walks. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.  I’m on a restrictive diet right now and I wasn’t sure how much energy I would have.  Coach told me to do the walk, but try to run every now and then…that I might surprise myself.  And because he’s my coach and I pay him to tell me these things, I decided to try some running.   Well, it’s not really running…it’s more like a walk/jog…wogging if you will.  So I wogged about 2 of those 8 miles and it felt really good to be back on my feet, especially since I’ve lost about 10 of those 20 pounds I gained last fall.  I was amazed how the difference that makes.

I’ve made plans with some teammates to be back in the pool tomorrow night.  I am so NOT looking forward to putting a suit back on, getting in the freezing cold water, and trying to resurrect my stroke.   But I’ve signed up for Mooseman which is in May, and I’ll be doing some other tris as warm ups come spring, so I’ll have to get back in the water eventually.  I’m banking on it being easier to do so when I’ve got friends to train with.  I don’t want them to leave me behind!

Other random thoughts:

I’m feeling guilty that I have not written a post about my inauguration experience.  It was an awesome day and one that I want to remember for the rest of my life.  Until I get around to writing my thoughts, check out Nikki’s account of our experience here.

I had my first audition on Saturday.  I alas, did not get a callback.

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing at my job right now and it’s driving me crazy to not have the knowledge at my fingertips! 

I’m enjoying living with the guys.  It’s been relatively painless so far.  We’re nearing the 2 month mark and I’m waiting for the proverbial shit to hit the fan, but so far it’s okay.   It’s been eye opening to be on this side when they come home from dates.  Ladies, we do stuff that we have no idea is ruining our chances.  I’m trying to soak it all in before the spring dating season starts!

Since I’ve started living with roommates I’ve become aware that I sing to myself….a lot.  I don’t know if I did this at my old place and just didn’t realize or if I sing to myself now as coping mechanism for being in the same physical space as other people and yet, not talking to them.  Y’all feel free to comment on if you’ve noticed my songbirdness!



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The 2008 Tally

I am 29 years old and live with three roommates, my dog, and a cat in Bethesda MD.
I have blonde/brown hair and bangs.
I lost and gained weight this year, leaving me 20 pounds above where I started.
I have a new job and I love it.
I am single and have been for the whole year. I am not dating anyone. I am not in love with anyone. I do have one little crush.
My best moments this year: Winning two FIST tournament shows with Princess Trainwreck, training and completing an olympic distance triathlon, the show at the comedy spot with DMG.
My worst moment this year: Crying in my car on a random street in my new neighborhood on the day I moved in to my new place.
My proudest moment this year: Getting an awesome new job with amazing opportunities, more money, actual responsibilities, and knowing that I earned said job because of my hard work.
My happiest moment this year: Singing God Bless America with my family at the start of 2008.
My hardest moment this year:  Realizing that I could not look my pastor in the eye while taking communion because I was mad/frustrated/hate filled/disgusted by his actions.  This realization led to my decision to resign from the church council and find a new church home.  (Thankfully, the market tanked causing the church to lose some stock money, which means we got to release the Pastor because we could not pay any staff.  Then we started a cooperative parish with another church that shared St. Luke’s values.  I am very excited to see what the future holds for my church home!)
My worst decision this year: Going off the Wellbutrin
My best decision this year: Going back on the Wellbutrin
My most-played tracks this year: “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by the Postal Service and “Still be Around” by Uncle Tupelo (both songs introduced to me by Kate)
My favorite book this year: Continues to be “The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood” by Rebecca Wells
My best purchase this year:  My fully loaded Nissan, Mosby and my new sweet road bike, Dancing Queen Donna
My biggest projects this year: Moving including packing and culling down all my stuff.
My greatest want for next year: To be lighter in weight, debt, and fears

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