IM with my father

Alaina said: You are mentioned in my current blog post

Vincent says: I do love you

Vincent says: I forgot about the circle song. Thanks for bringing that memory back to me. I will cherish it

Vincent says: I truly do love you

Alaina says: I enjoyed it that night

Alaina says: but that’s probably some of my favorite memories with you; listening to music in the car

Vincent says: thanks your mother and I shared the same taste in music

Vincent says: it was you mother who 1st developed a love for Copland

Alaina says: didn’t you love the inauguration music

Vincent says: she played until I came to love app spring

Alaina says: oh…I thought you found that

Alaina says: but it was her?

Vincent says: yep John Williams really had some Copland like sounds going on there

Alaina says: it was a rearrangement

Vincent says: no my memory was we went on a buying thingy, buying classical music, maybe even a club. It was all your mother’s doing

Vincent says: we had several different tapes, some baroque music, others

Alaina says: that was my favorite

Vincent says: your mother loves the last movement of app spring, kept playing it in car

Alaina says: hmm….all this time I thought that was you driving that

Alaina says: well I’m glad to know that

Alaina says: I’m assuming the Randy Travis was all you?

Alaina says: ha!

Vincent says: well after a while I started to put that tape in

Vincent says: yep Randy, Reba those where mine

Alaina says: I figured!

Vincent says: Judy Blues Eyes was your mom

Vincent says: but you have to remember your mother and I loved the same type of music well except for Reba

Vincent says: Linda Ronstat

Vincent says: Huey Lewis

Alaina says: I remember Crosby Steels Nash and Young

Alaina says: OHHH and the Paul Simon tape

Alaina says: Diamonds on the souls of her shoes

Vincent says: lol

Alaina says: those are the soundtrack of my youth!

Vincent says: good

Alaina says: can I post this convo on my blog?

Vincent says: yes of course

Vincent says: fix the spelling

Alaina says: I was already doing that!


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