In honor of Archie’s post-my improv performance improvement plan

Oh it was a mess wasn’t it?

As a fellow government analyst, I hereby submit my performance improvement plan:

  1. More Characters…and I need to do some character development. I’m kicking around taking an acting class. I think every character I did was some kind of woman…boring.
  2. More listening
  3. If I’m not enjoying myself, figure out a way to enjoy myself
  4. I can’t watch people perform before me.
  5. If it’s a Friday show and I’m tired, I need a red bull or coffee.
  6. Think of more things I can do in my environment. I can only have so many characters that drink coffee (for the record, I had 3 different drinkers during my two Friday shows!)
  7. Invite more people and do a better job hyping the shows. It’s hard to improv for 6 people.
  8. Don’t miss the warm-up.
  9. Start my scenes with an action. Don’t come on stage and assume the “dueling pistols” position.
  10. More tag outs, more edits, more supporting my team by giving people stuff to work with. It’s a gift that I know I appreciate receiving on stage.

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