Neat things that only happen in DC

Sunday night I offered to take Traci to the Verizon Center so she could meet Mikael and his brother for the basketball game.

As I was leaving town, I drove by the White House on my way to the Clara Barton Parkway.

Out of nowhere, I hear the sound of helicopters.  I looked up and was excited to see Marine One pass over my head.  President Obama and family were returning  from their first visit to Camp David.  I hastily got two pictures of Marine One and Decoy One as they passed over the ellipse on their way to the South Lawn.

I opened my moon roof for this shot!prego-049

You can just barely make out on the decoys in the back left of this photo.  The other decoy is easier to spot in the middle.


I think this is so cool!  That’s probably the closest I’ve come to being in the vicinity of the President.  He was right over my head!  I think that’s even closer than where we stood at the inauguration!


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