“It’s so weird to be back here” Ben Folds lyrics to “Still Fighting It”

Tonight I joined my good friend Archie for the Ben Folds concert on the campus of George Washington University.

It was an awesome start to this year’s Valentine Day weekend as Archie always makes me laugh and I always feel comfortable in my skin when we hang out. 

 We sat on wooden benches in the basketball stadium.  The sound was terrible, but Ben Folds rocked it out.  While he did not play “The Luckiest”  much of his songs were from 2001’s “Rocking the Suburbs” album.

Hearing all those songs reminded me of the first year after college….Fall 2001 through Spring 2002….when I was at grad school.  Back then, I felt that Ben Folds really “understood” me.  I felt that way again tonight, listening to music I haven’t thought about in over 7 years.  Per Archie, his music is a bit like the bible…applicable in all the time periods of your life. 

Some funny moments from this night:

  • “This song is about Abortion”…said for the benefit of all the tweens when “Brick” was played.
  • The annoying girl behind us who kept talking….at one point she said “I missed most of the John Mayer concert last year”.  Archie deadpans to me “that’s because she was talking through it.”
  • “My sciatic is acting up”…because really, we’re to old to sit on wooden benches for 3+ hours.

Overall, it was fun to watch all the flirting and maneuvering of the 20 year olds.  Sometimes I’d love to do college over again…other times… yowzers…I’m glad I learned those lessons already. 

Final thought: 

How the heck do these kids know Ben Fold’s music?  He was popular when I was in college….over 10 years ago…these kids would have been babies.  I’m wondering if he was one of those musicians that was popular when their generartion first started listening to music…much like how I feel about U2’s “The Joshua Tree” album.  It was released when I was about 8 years, but I distinctly remember when Nikki played this album for me.  I was 13 years old and we were in the upstairs playroom (before it was her bedroom).  These lyrics from “Running to Stand Still“, summed up how I felt about being seen and not heard.  Sometimes it seemed like I needed to put on an act…an act that would subtly show the truth to those that were really looking for it.  You know….angsty 13 year old girl feelings!

You got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice

And now as a “grown-up” I realize the song is about addiction, but it’s these lyrics that hit home for me now.

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was lying still
Said I gotta do something about where we’re going

And I see how all of the things I’m addicted to (spending, overworking, and over committing myself are this week’s top offenders)  keep me in my limited metaphorical place….oh U2…..y’all are another band whose music is a bit like the bible…applicable in all the time periods of my life.


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