Races for 2009

I’ve finalized my race plans for 2009 today.  I’m mostly doing Team Z races.   My “A” races are in red below!

I’m really excited about this year!

Date Event Location
15-Feb GW Marathon Relay (7 miles) Washington DC
29-Mar Scope it out 5k Washington DC
24-Apr Colony Zones 1 mile pool Fairfax, VA
2-May Arlington Science Focus 5K Arlington, VA
9/10-May Kinetic Oly Lake Anna, VA
16-May National Police Week 5K Washington DC
6/7-Jun Mooseman Oly New Found Lake , NH
28-Jun Montclair Triathlon Oly Montclair, VA
July I want to do a local Oly or Sprint Tri….maybe Diamond in the Rough….
26-Jul Travel to Lake Placid to support fellow Team Zers doing the Ironman Lake Placid , NY
15/16-Aug Luray Tri-Oly Luray, VA
13-Sep Nations Tri Washington DC
19/20-Sep Savageman-maybe a relay Deep Creek Lake, MD
4-Oct Bassman-Maybe the 1/2 Bass River State Forrest, NJ


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3 responses to “Races for 2009

  1. You are inspiring! I am running today.

  2. That’s a seriously ambitious race calendar! Are you actually signed up for all those races? That’s quite expensive!

  3. mellowblonde

    Good point! I’m thinking about dropping the May tri and having my first tri of the season be my A race. But I fear putting all my hopes and dreams of the beginning race of the season without a warm up tri!

    Mooseman is the only tri I have signed up for, but I’m about to sign up for Nations. I’m really excited about biking the Clara Barton Parkway….I’ve wanted to do that since I saw the course last year!

    Savageman I am not excited about….I may want to go just to cheer on the team…we’ll see.

    Bassman….I’m not sure if I’m ready to devote the training time required to do the half iron. I may just train for the sprint….it wouldn’t be my A race, but more something to keep working towards.

    I’m feeling pretty flexible about this whole calendar. The only races I know I really want to do are the Scope it out 5k, Colony Zones, Police week 5k, Mooseman, and Nations Tri.

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