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Race Reports for 2007

I did not do any races in 2007, but I’m writing a race report because this is the year that laid the groundwork for my current and future race goals.

There were a few reasons I was not interested in racing this year…

  • I was worn out from the training of 2005 and 2006 (half marathon, 10 mile race, marathon…all back to back)
  • I missed sleeping in on the weekends.
  • I started taking improv classes and poured a fair amount of energy into this new craft.
  • I was recovering from my intense relationship with the Bartender and all of the self inflicted drama from the subsequent make-ups and break-ups.

In October, while recovering physically from those pulmonary embolisms and emotionally from the very last break-up with the Bartender, I decided to return to training of some sort.  In December, I started my training for St. Anthony’s tri with Team in Training.  




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2009 Race Results–so far

GW Marathon Relay (7 miles)
Date 02/15/09
Time –1:55:00
Pace — 16:25

I ran with two ladies from Team Z.  I did the middle portion.  This race had more hills than I was expecting. 

Disney Princess Half Marathon
Date 03/08/09
Time –3:36:45
Pace — 16:32

I ran the first 3 or so miles with two friends at a 2:1 run walk pace and stayed mostly in zone 2 for those 3 miles. I walked the last 10.1 miles.

Scope it Out 5k
Date 03/29/09
Time — 48:11
Pace — 15:32 (YAHOO!)

I ran the whole race in a cowboy hat!

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Race Reports for 2008

St. Anthony’s Triathlon
1500 Meter Swim/40K Bike/10K Run
April 27, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Age 28
Division: Athena’s age 20-29
Place 7 out of 7 (but 9 people registered!)
Overall 3538 out of 3556 finishers

Time: 4:41:01
Swim: 52:09 Pace 3:29
     Tran 1 7:04
Bike 1:52:22 Rate 13.3
    Tran 2 6:12
Run 1:43:16 Pace 16:38

  • I trained for this race with Team in Training.
  • I freaked out about the race the day before, but felt great the day of the race.
  • I started my swim with the same wave of Sister Madonna Buder.
  • I borrowed a friend’s road bike.
  • I had a flat at mile 3 on the bike.
  • I walked the run.

National Police Week 5K
May 10, 2008
Washington DC
Place: 1059 out of 1108
Division 222 out of 236
Age 28
Net Time 43:50
Pace 14:07

From my email to my Tri coach Jenni: I freaking ran the whole 5k on Saturday! My first time full on running that distance ever! I was super excited, especially because I didn’t let those damn hills stop me! YAY!

General Smallwood State Park
Indianhead, MD 6/29/2008
Age 29
750 Meter Swim/16 Mile Bike/5K Run
Place 115 out of 117 women
Overall time: 02:32:31

SWIM 21:57
    T1 05:43
BIKE 01:14:14
    T2 03:22
RUN 47:19

Race report here.

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Fetch Rufus-The end of an era

Fetch Rufus fought valiantlyon Saturday night.  We had a  fun show exploring a world where “acupuncture jelly” made a dumb blonde quite smart…but only because she had the help of her new imaginary friend “Gawlpon”.  My favorite moment was initiating a scene as the “Wise One”, Gawlpon’s leader.  It was out of my improv element to start a group scene as a fantasy character…but it was needed and it was so fun to do!  In the end, even with a First Time Ever audience tie vote, we were no match for the musical juggernaut that is Vox Pop.

Here are a few pictures from my camera of Fetch Rufus backstage during our first and second shows.

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Fetch Rufus-First win!

My F.I.S.T. (Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament) team, Fetch Rufus, won our first match on Saturday night!  Our performance on Saturday night is by far my most favorite to date!  From the moment we walked on stage, I felt great.   The audience was so positive and excited to see where we would take them!  I really enjoyed playing with my team, the stage was never empty, we worked well together, and we explored some fun aspects of the origin of “Broccoli Cigarettes”.  I’ve had trouble lately with dropping my idea of where the scene should go and accepting my scene partners offer, but not this night….this night I just went with the flow.  It’s so nice when it all comes together!  Our next match is March 14th at 11:00PM.  I hope it’s as fun as the last one!

Also, there’s a video on my Facebook page for those that want to watch the performance!   I’ll post it here if my teammate ever posts it to youtube!

Here are some pictures of us before the match….taken by Derek, who was one-third of our competition-Veronica Bitchwhip

And yes, I’ve decided that the over the shoulder look is my new “signature pose”!



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Fetch Annabelle Blanche

Annabelle Blanche and Aunt Nikki play fetch for a “few minutes”!

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