Fetch Rufus-First win!

My F.I.S.T. (Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament) team, Fetch Rufus, won our first match on Saturday night!  Our performance on Saturday night is by far my most favorite to date!  From the moment we walked on stage, I felt great.   The audience was so positive and excited to see where we would take them!  I really enjoyed playing with my team, the stage was never empty, we worked well together, and we explored some fun aspects of the origin of “Broccoli Cigarettes”.  I’ve had trouble lately with dropping my idea of where the scene should go and accepting my scene partners offer, but not this night….this night I just went with the flow.  It’s so nice when it all comes together!  Our next match is March 14th at 11:00PM.  I hope it’s as fun as the last one!

Also, there’s a video on my Facebook page for those that want to watch the performance!   I’ll post it here if my teammate ever posts it to youtube!

Here are some pictures of us before the match….taken by Derek, who was one-third of our competition-Veronica Bitchwhip

And yes, I’ve decided that the over the shoulder look is my new “signature pose”!




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One response to “Fetch Rufus-First win!

  1. “And yes, I’ve decided that the over the shoulder look is my new ‘signature pose’!”

    We are different.

    You should be proud though, you gals have something very special together and it looked like so much fun. You made me laugh hard.


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