Race Reports for 2007

I did not do any races in 2007, but I’m writing a race report because this is the year that laid the groundwork for my current and future race goals.

There were a few reasons I was not interested in racing this year…

  • I was worn out from the training of 2005 and 2006 (half marathon, 10 mile race, marathon…all back to back)
  • I missed sleeping in on the weekends.
  • I started taking improv classes and poured a fair amount of energy into this new craft.
  • I was recovering from my intense relationship with the Bartender and all of the self inflicted drama from the subsequent make-ups and break-ups.

In October, while recovering physically from those pulmonary embolisms and emotionally from the very last break-up with the Bartender, I decided to return to training of some sort.  In December, I started my training for St. Anthony’s tri with Team in Training.  




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