Scope it Out 5k-Polyp Wrangling

Sunday Morning I was up and at them early to fulfill my role as Polyp Wrangler (more conventionally known as a volunteer coordinator)signe2

Some of the Polyps before the racegroup1

My favorite Polyp Planning Partner and Polyp Liaisonme-and-kim

Rallying the troupes, complete with morning coffeerunning-the-show

Directing the troupes-Jacquie’s got her coffee as well!important-news

Part of our job was to participate in the warm-up.  That’s me in the back left with my friend Shea.  She’s not officially on the team, but she knows important people, so she was able to be a polyp! me-and-shea

Nearing the finish line…and yes, I wore the cowboy hat the whole race! coming-home1

I love this picture!  I think it’s so cool that Ed* got the Capitol in the background!  frontside

Jacquie ran the last .2 miles to encourage me to push it to the finish line!  It’s a good thing she did!  I was excited that I kept 15:32 minute miles.  backside

My next 5k will probably be either the Arlington Science Focus 5K or the National Police Week 5k .  I’m leaning towards not running the Arlington race, as I prefer to do those run/walk races….lessens my chance of being the last across the finish line!

My goal for the National Police Week 5k is break 45 minutes for total race by keeping a pace of 14:30. 

My reach goal for the National Police Week 5k  is to break my PR (incidentally set at this race last year) of 43:50 (that’s a 14:07 pace) . 

My super reach goal is to break 40:00, which is a sub 13 minute mile pace.

 *All photo’s courtsey of Coach Ed! Check out the Team Z gallery for more photo’s of the day.



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2 responses to “Scope it Out 5k-Polyp Wrangling

  1. These are great photos! You look so great! Secretly I was glad to have the blue runners shirt… red is not my signature color but you owned it. Can’t wait for our next 5K!

  2. mellowblonde

    Pink is my signature color. Red is my back up signature color! FYI-I signed up today for the police week 5k.

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