First Swim Meet

Oh my goodness. I feel silly even typing the title!  Tomorrow night I will swim in my very first swim meet. I’m 29 years old….this is crazy! When I hear the phrase “swim meet”, I think of Amber and Charlie and their early morning swim practices the summer before my junior year of high school. That was the summer we were all just becoming friends! I thought then that they were crazy to get up early and go swim when they could be sleeping in!

Anywhoddle. Tomorrow night I’m swimming in the “Mixed 1000 yards freestyle” event. My goal is to break 25 minutes. I think this is doable. In the pool on Tuesday morning I did 200 yards in 5 minutes. But, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to keep that pace for the next 800 more yards!

My plan is to swim in zone 2 for the first 800 to 900 yards, breathing on the left every 3rd lap, and focusing on “gliding” and keeping my hips high. For the last 100 yards, I’ll really try to push myself. It’s pretty easy to really tire myself out in the water, so I don’t want to push myself to early.

I did buy myself a new swimsuit for the event!  My black one has become to big (WAHOO) and my favorite blue suit has dry rotted…I’m about one swim away from it completely falling to pieces.   So, I am the proud owner of a new chlorine resistant black racer back, full bottom, lap suit by Ocean.  Watch out all you other  “Mixed 1000 yards freestyle” swimmers!


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