First 5k in May-race plan

I have a race in seven and half hours. That means if I went to be right now, I would get six hours of sleep before I leave this house at 7:15AM.   I probably should go to bed, but  I feel the need to make a race plan.   I want to break my PR of 43:50, but that seems like a lofty goal. In fact, I can’t believe there was ever a time where I was able to keep a 14 minute mile pace. So, the plan for tomorrow is to go zone 2 the whole way and get a baseline to set a goal for the police week 5k which is in 2 weeks.

Next Sunday is my first tri of the season….interesting….I just realized how close that is.

In other training news:

  • I swam 100 yards in 2 minutes exactly last night.
  • I ran for 50 minutes on Tuesday morning.  There were a few 20 to 30 second walk breaks on hills to get my heart rate down, but for the most part I went for the whole time.  That’s my longest time running.  We walked the last 10 minutes or so.  We think we did about 3.75 miles.  So potentially, that was around a 14:20 pace.
  • I have lost 40 pounds…..40 freaking pounds.  That’s insane.  That’s 8 5 pound flour sacks.
  • I’m at my scary weight.  I have had a mental block to get under my current weight for the past 4 years.  I’ve been stressing about this for the past two weeks.  I’m so over the stressing.  I would like to drop 5 to 10 more pounds and focus my worrying on other things.  Better yet, what if I didn’t worry about my diet….that would be even cooler.
  • You know what would be so cool?  If I could do a 5k in 43 minutes.  That would mean I kept a 13:59 pace….keeping any pace that has 13 in it would be awesome.

Other life news:

  • I love my job.
  • My ADD is kicking my rear lately.  I was just diagnosed in November of 2008, so I’m still getting it all figured out.  That said, I’m really having trouble meeting deadlines and staying in front of projects.  This is driving my perfectionist self crazy.
  • I had a date last Saturday night with a guy I dated over 2 years ago.  It was nice to go out, but I don’t think either of us felt much spark.  We made plans to play tennis tomorrow, but he hasn’t followed up to confirm.
  • I enjoy having male roommates for their perspective on things.  I mentioned to my middle roomie the situation above to see if he thought I should make other plans for Saturday.  There is a crawfish boil that I would much rather attend!  BG was so matter of fact in his advice. “Um…yes, make other plans.  He should have confirmed by Wednesday.  When he calls  on Saturday, you tell him that you made other plans.   If you want to see him, then y’all set up another time to hang out.”   Funny, I think my girlfriends would have advised for me to text him…and it easily could have become a big discussion among us on the proper way to word a “breezy” text.  With guys, it seems so black and white.
  • I’ve paid off 16% of my credit card debt.

Okay….I should go figure out what I’m going to wear for the race….should I go for the new jersey or just race in my PRR Team Z shirt?


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