Race Plan: Kinetic Sprint Triathlon

I have the first tri race of 2009 this coming Sunday. I just discovered that I have to finish this Sprint in 2.5 hours or I could be pulled from the course. A quick look to your right at my personal records and you will see that my PR for the sprint distance is 2:32:31. And that was for a 16 mile bike. Sunday’s race is an 18 mile bike. YIKES!

**Sidenote, can I just say how I am so OVER worrying about being pulled from a course.

Now, we all know that I’m a lady that likes a plan…so I found this handy dandy pace calculator that can be used to predict one’s time for triathlons. (http://pace-calculator.dev.intrigomedia.com/)

Here’s my race plan for Sunday:

750 Meter Swim:  Based on my pace at the Colony zones swim meet (2:20 per 100 yards) the calculator predicts I’ll finish the swim in 19 minutes and 8 seconds. Since this is an open water swim, I would like to finish in 20 minutes.

Transition 1: I will have to remove my wetsuit, which will add some time. I’m going to say that this will take me 5 minutes….but I’m really hoping it doesn’t take that long!

18 Mile BikePace: 14 mph so this could take about an hour and 17 or so minutes. I’m just not sure since I don’t know if the course is hilly or not.

Transition 2: No wetsuit! I hope it doesn’t take longer than 4 minutes!

5K Run-Pace:  15:30 pace will take me 48 minutes.

Total: 2 hours and 33 minutes.

CRAP! I’m thinking I will really need to push it on the bike. If I can keep a pace of 15 MPH then that would take me an hour and 12 minutes…that would be enough to get to the finish by 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Race goal:

  • Swim-20 minutes for 750 meters
  • Transition 1: 5 minutes
  • Bike-One hour and 12 minutes to do the 18 miles
  • Transition 2: 4 minutes
  • Run: 48 minutes to do the 3.1 miles
  • Overall time: 2 Hours and 29 minutes

And now my more in-depth race plan:

Pre Race:

  • Map the flow of the transition area in my brain
  • Put bike in easy gear for the uphill start of the bike ride
  • Count racks so I can find my bike
  • Put on sunscreen before the race.
  • When putting on swim cap, remember to put my ponytail in a location that will be easy to get into my helmet.
  • Get in the water before the race to get a layer of water between my wetsuit and my body and to get the initial shock over with.
  • Figure out if I should eat a gu before the start of the race. I do not remember if I had one in my previous races. It may depend on how long it’s been between eating breakfast and that point in time!


  • Start watch, run into water then focus on exhaling under water, lengthening my stroke, and relaxing. Sight every third breath.
  • From my coach: Remember to get in and warm up before your swim to adjust to the water. Start your race with the slowest strokes of your life. Long and easy. And remember the basics – catchup, head down, breathe EVERY SINGLE STROKE. Swim like you are in slow motion for the first 400 yards.

T1: Deliberate moves. Remove wetsuit, put on helmet, socks, shoes, sunglasses. I will be wearing my watch and my clothes. No bike gloves.


  • I’ve read reports that the end of the ride is all downhill into the park….I’m taking that to mean that it must be all uphill on the first mile.
  • I will focus on staying in zone 2 and smart gearing on the hills. Also, per the race reports, there is a big hill around mile 11.
  • My nutrition plan for the bike: Gatorade during the first 30 minutes. At 30 minutes on the bike, eat a gu…that should be around 50 minutes into my race. During mile 17 eat another gu.

T2: Deliberate moves. Remove helmet, change shoes, put on hat. Take a gu with me on the run.


  • The first mile is up hill, the last mile is downhill. Also the last part of the run is on a narrow winding walking trail (and then there are four very sharp turns all within the last 50 meters so that will pretty much eliminate the ability to sprint it out.
  • Stay in Zone 2…even if that means walking the first uphill mile.
  • Eat a gu around mile 1.

Final thought from my coach: Remember that this weekend’s race is built into your training plan as a workout. It is a B priority race, not your A race. This is basically a brick workout under race conditions – which means an excellent opportunity to practice your race plans/nutrition/transitions/etc. Put some thought to how you would like your workout to go for the weekend. Think about your nutrition and workout strategy – then implement it. I want you to think about your effort levels before you race and build your plan – then STICK TO IT. This is intended to be a Z2 day and a WORKOUT. It will be hot on the run and you should expect to do work. This is everyone’s last really “killer” workout before you begin taper for Mooseman. Focus on the race, but take some pressure off of your shoulders. This is a very fun, very cool Team Z workout complete with grilling and camping.



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2 responses to “Race Plan: Kinetic Sprint Triathlon

  1. Janet

    Wow – you have the planning stage down pat! Did you sleep at all?! (I didn’t.)

  2. FrogGirl

    Nice plan…1 more thing though…did you remember to try to relax and not panic…thats my issue…I plan to much and then panic when I hit the water. Try to cut down your transitions…they should be max 2 min. Mine are around 35-45 secs.

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