Police Week 5k Race report and weekend rambling thoughts

Police Week 5k: Did not start.

This past weekend we had our improv shows at the Comedy Spot (which went fine). I got to bed late on Friday night and ended up sleeping in on Saturday. I didn’t so much mind bagging the race. What I did mind is that I left my future roommate waiting on a corner by herself.

I booked down to the race site and made it just in time to see her cross the finish line.  Rocking good job, yo!  Also, Tara, you need a blog nickname…let me know what you want it to be!

I wasn’t really feeling much like racing.  The Kinetic Sprint from the weekend before really did a number on me.  That race did not go so well.  Anytime I have a bad distance training experience it seems to take me some time to recover from it.  Earlier this year, after a string of just terrible, no good, very bad bike rides, I decided to not get back on the bike for a month…and that turned out to be a great decision.

So after Kinetic, I didn’t work out last week.  But by Saturday, I was missing it.  So after taking Tara out for brunch (I’m not above trying to buy forgiveness…even if it’s not needed) I hit the Capital Crescent trail.  That run was ugly as well…but that’s to be expected for a run that starts in the hit of the day.  I did 4 miles and I’m pretty sure I averaged about 16 to 17 minute miles.  I did however stay in my zone and I ran most of that distance. 

But Sunday morning, I was feeling like I was back in training mode.  The team was doing the covered bridges ride out in Fredericksburg.  I was finally able to keep up with a pack of women!  YAY!  The six of us had a blast on this ride.  I enjoyed all of the 30 miles that we did…with a exception of mile 27…that was a killer long slow climb!

After the shoulder pain from Kinetic, I went to the physical therapist.  Kerri had me change the position of my bike seat to be more horizontal.  That way there is less weight on my arms.  It’s up to me to work out my core muscles more so that the core will handle the weight and not my arms or my sit bones.  I was worried that the shoulder would act up, but it did not.  I felt a pang here and there, but overall, changing the seat position really helped that issue. Now, I just need to work up to spending more time in the saddle to toughen up my sit bones!

This week I did my Wednesday speed/track workout on a treadmill and was able to push myself to keep a 13 minute pace for 2 minutes.  I hope it’s just a quick matter of time before I start seeing some dramatic improvements in my running time. 

I’m sure that I can related much of my running improvement to the fact that I’ve lost 42 pounds.  Seriously.  I don’t want to turn this into a weight loss blog, but I do want to document this little fact.  I have not been below my current weight in the past 3 or so years.  The weird thing is that in my head, the weight I’m at now is the weight that I have seen myself being at for the past 3 years.  So, while I’ve lost 40 pounds, in my head it feels just about right.  I’m thinking a real struggle could come with the next chunk of weight.  

Or maybe not.  I believe that I will always race as an Athena and I’m sure as shooting keeping my curves, but I have never felt more sure in my life than I do right now that this weight will come off.



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3 responses to “Police Week 5k Race report and weekend rambling thoughts

  1. Sarah

    Go Alaina Go! You can do it! I didn’t realize you had lost so much, but you look great and can totally keep going. We’re here for you on the good and bad days, so keep on going!

  2. Cat

    Keep up the great work, Alaina! Just wanted you to know I am reading and I am so impressed by your dedication. Hope to see you out at practice soon.

  3. I was glad to see you at the finish line. That race was a big deal for me. Thank you for being there… and for the ride home. That was clutch.

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