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Typical…Part of my 15 minutes of fame are because of my diet!

I was interviewed for a health segment that was aired on CNN this past April 2, 2009. I was hoping that they would post it to their website, but alas, they did not. I know that many of my friends didn’t get a chance to see the piece. Because I love y’all (and because I adore the spotlight) I made a recording with my camera of the DVRed version. This was the night before I moved out of the Bethesda house…priorities y’all…I’ve got them!

I’m sorry this isn’t the best quality. In fact, I could only save about 1.5 minutes worth of footage on my camera….so what you see below is just the portions with me in them…again…my feelings about the spotlight! The audio can be a bit hard to hear, so I included the transcription below each video.


JUDY FORTIN, CNN MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): If laughter is the best medicine, then Alaina Harris is pretty healthy. A member of an improv troop and a public health analyst, Harris knows what’s good for her.

ALAINA HARRIS, DIETER: As I’m getting older, it’s become more about long term, my health, what my long-term goals are.

FORTIN: So when her weight began to creep up, she decided to take action and began training for a triathlon. She’s lost 30 pounds and hopes to lose more.

HARRIS: So my goal is to drop some pounds, to make that triathlon an easier experience.

FORTIN: And share your plans. Alaina has a buddy system, where friends keep her on the right track.

HARRIS: It helps for me just having other people to help me validate what I’ve done.

FORTIN: Follow these tips and you could be carrying fewer pounds by the summer. Something that Alaina Harris hopes to do.



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