Bassman Race Report

Bassman Sprint
Race Age: 30
   0.4 Mile Swim
    12 Mile Bike
    5K Run
Overall: 1:57:22
0.4 Mile Swim: 17:02 (Pace: 2:24 per 100 yards)
TI: 3:45
12 Mile Bike: 47:53 (Pace: 15 miles per hour)
T2: 3:05
5K Run: 45:38 (Pace: 14:44 per mile)



When it was all said and done, this was a really rough season. I had problems on the bike at Kinetic, a fever at Mooseman, and a DNF at Luray because I broke a spoke. My only goal for my last race of the season was to finish with a smile on my face….and if lucky…a sub 2 hour sprint!
Mission Accomplished!
Next up: Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in VA Beach, VA!

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