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DMG at Source for Seasonal Disorder!

I “borrowed” all the text below from Sean’s blog!  I really would love for y’all to come out and see the shows!  DMG has a new director and a new format…plus we’ve been having lots of fun playing with each other.  It’s a good time for all!


This month I’m performing in two shows with DMG – my long-form improv troupe. Both shows are at Source (1835 14th Street, between T and S).

The price is “PAY WHAT YOU CAN,” which means you can be give us a dollar for the entire show. “Pay what you can” means exactly that! It’s up to you! Make a decision already!

More details:

  • Thursday, Dec 10th
  • Thursday, Dec 17th
  • We’ll be doing around a 20 to 25 minute show, total show time is no more than an hour because,
  • We’ll be joined by the super fun troupe The Entitlement League,
    Source serves beer and wine now,
  • We hope to see you there!

It’s improv, so both shows will be different! Come to both and get a free high-five from Sean…okay okay…I’ll give you a high five as well!


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