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Ringing in the new year-2010 edition

New Year’s Eve 2009 was such a blast!  I started the night getting ready with some gorgeous ladies of  improv. 

Cara, Alaina, KL, Tara, and Greer

Wait, that’s not all the gorgeous ladies…where is Annabelle Blanche? Y’all know that she was primping and preparing for the new year right with us!  

Cara, Alaina, Annabelle Blanche, KL, Tara, and Greer

 That’s better!

From there I headed over to Arlington to a rocking fun party thrown by my good friend Kitty and her awesome fiancée.  This was a theme party…everyone needed to bring an accessory to share.  I brought a feather boa and a sword….As the pictures show, there were other much cooler accessories to wear once I got there!  My favorite accessory of the night was a Marilyn Monroe wig.  I was seriously tempted to take it with me when I left the next morning…but I didn’t want to start 2010 off with bad karma! 

Hmm...let's try this shot again...

Okay, we're getting there.....

Yes! Third time is the charm...I'm thinking of going short and curly...what do y'all think?

There was much dancing and singing of random songs throughout the night…here is my favorite photo series of Kitty and I…no telling what we are singing, but I can guarantee you that our version of the song was OFF. THE. CHARTS! 




I opted to be a good citizen and I spent the night on their couch.  That was one of my best decisions EVER because my gracious hosts served me warmed banana bread and fresh coffee the next morning.  Nothing like starting off a new year being served breakfast on the couch! 

And here’s a parting shot.  Please note that I’m teaching Kitty my trademarked “over the shoulder” pose…slowly but surely I’m spreading the word to all my friends: 

Proof I shared the Marilyn wig...but only because this cowboy hat looked even better on me!


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Money in the “Bank of Tri”

Saturday I went for an easy breezy 6.5 mile run with some of the Team Z girls. About 3 miles into the run it started to snow. About 5 miles into the run, we decided to take a picture! 

Kerry, Alaina, Meghan, Cleo (the dog), Tracy, and Emily

We kept a pace of 14 minute miles…which is pretty awesome.  I’m probably more impressed by the pace than I am by the fact that we were out running in the snow!

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