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Enough about my stroke….how about I talk about my dog, Annabelle Blanche!

My dog, Annabelle Blanche, is such a joy to me! I got her when I was 23. There was a lot going on in my life. I was in my second year of graduate school, taking 18 hours of classes. I was not only taking courses for Social Work, but also I was doing a second master degree for Public Health.  On Monday and Friday I went to Tuscaloosa, an hour away from Birmingham, to take my classes for Social Work. I had a part time job, waiting tables at a BBQ joint. I also had a very active social life. (Side note: Okay, so I really went out to the bars to drink a lot.)  Having a dog on top of everything else was hard. I even asked the breeder if I could give her back…she said no! I can’t imagine my life without her now.

Annabelle Blanche is a Boston terrier, but she isn’t my first Boston terrier. My family has had various Boston terrier’s my whole life. My first Boston was Brutus. Actually, Brutus was my parent’s dog and he was around before I arrived. One of my first words was “sit” because I thought that was Brutus name. Our next dog was Bandit. Whenever the mail guy put the mail into the slot on the door, Bandit would tear the mail. One of my Father’s contracts for a job had Bandit’s bite marks on it. Next was Blossom, our first girl dog. She had a sire named Bama Braves Bobbin and the two gave birth to Brutus II and Buster. Of course, the two dogs went to people in my family. Later in life, my father had Beatrice. He called her Bea. Now the only other Boston terrier in the family is Babs, my aunt’s dog. She is a lot like Annabelle Blanche, just smaller.

I’ve always had a dog in my life, but Annabelle Blanche is the best dog! She sleeps under the covers, is always ready for you to throw the ball to her, and she likes for me to throw a Frisbee in the park. The best part is that whenever I am on the couch, she will snuggle up next to me, her face against my face. I really do love her. 



PS-because my Mama is going to ask: This post took 2 hours. It was an hour and half last night to compose, 15 minutes at speech therapy today, and then 15 minutes to edit based on what I wrote in speech therapy!



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