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All a twitter: Posted January 29, 2010

TEXT: It seems that the only kind of blogging I do these days is microblogging. I text a 140 character thought on my cell phone and send it to Twitter which in turn sends to Facebook to be displayed. This is really a picture of me texting a tweet. My friend Kat took it while we were out one Friday night. Here is the message I was typing while she took that picture…”Alaina did you have a kid? Cause I haven’t seen any posts about you being pregnant”–Justis H. For the record y’all that’s my friends baby!” I had trouble getting it down to 140 characters, but finally opted to delete Justis last name and the “be” in because.

Bershon: Posted May 21, 2009

Text: I spend one day a week volunteering at the “family” hospital as a candy striper. Yes, seriously. I’m wearing my pleated, red and white striped outfit in this picture. That’s my Mom in the background holding our family dog, Blossom. Blossom was a Boston Terrier…just like every dog in our family before and after her. Also in the background is the green Cougar that my parents drove for most of my childhood. My Mom traded it in for an Infinity when I was 15 years old. The salesmen said it was the biggest upgrade he had ever seen.

DMG: Posted May 6, 2009

Repeat performance: Posted April 29, 2009

Badass: Post October 26, 2008

This might get ugly: Posted September 27, 2008

Impish: September 8, 2008

The eyes have it: Created on September 8, 2008-never posted

St A’s Athena’s: Posted June 26, 2008


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